12 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

A kitchen is the core of a home and also one of the busiest places. A kitchen renovation is a great investment and can pep up any worn-down kitchen. If done professionally a kitchen renovation can increase the value of your house. It is important to focus on some vital aspects, and not just the appearance. We list here 12 common kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid while refurbishing your dream kitchen.

1. Ignoring Workflow

In a home, a kitchen can be one of the busiest areas. In the kitchen, the sink, stove and refrigerator area can turn into battlefields at times. While renovating your kitchen never place these three adjacent to each other because they can hinder your efficiency in completing tasks.

Instead, place them in a manner that these three areas form a triangle. This way, there will be sufficient room, and you can easily and efficiently work.

2. Slighting Storage Space

A kitchen is a place where you need excess storage spaces since you will have plenty of items to store within. Don’t overlook the small storage add-ons, like tray dividers, or cabinet expansions like lazy Susans and pantry pullouts. These add-on features can maximise storage areas in the kitchen and can also save you some money as they get much more costly to add on in the future.

3. Forgetting Your Funds

Having a clear budget plan for a kitchen renovation is necessary. Decide on the most important features of your kitchen and allocate your finances accordingly. Also, remember the fact that kitchen cabinet usually takes one-third of the typical remodel budget.

4. Giving Up Counter Space

When it comes to a kitchen, counter space is an essential factor. So, extend your counter space by using decorative corbels, or shelving supports, to create extra space for your countertop.

5. Choosing Kitchen Appliances Last

If you’re planning for a complete makeover of your kitchen, don’t place choosing and buying your appliances for the last of the to-do list. The new appliances need to be fit between the cabinets and counters. If they are not bought early, it can mess up the renovation. Without exact sizes, it’s all guess-work about the placing and fixing of the cabinets and counters.

6. Neglecting Backsplash And Other Minor Details

It’s exciting to get new appliances, countertops and flooring for your kitchen but don’t forget about smaller design details which are equally important.

The smaller details like backsplashes can contribute heavily to the final appearance of your kitchen renovation project. Try out different shades of the same tone, which can give a sophisticated ambience to your kitchen.

7. Neglecting Underutilised Spaces

Make use of unused spaces in your kitchen. You can make use of a creative place like Toe-kick storage which is located beneath cabinet doors to store kitchen wares that aren’t used frequently. Making use of such additional storage opportunities will also help to keep the clutter away.

8. Mistaking The Height Of The Kitchen Cabinets And Counters

The ideal kitchen counters should have sufficient space to work on, and cabinet tops that can be reached easily. So, it’s best to follow standard guidelines and then size up or down your counters and cabinets according to your requirement.

9. Prices May Be Misleading

All high costs don’t promise durability. Some high-quality materials do give value for your investment – like hardwood floors, and marble countertops which are high-priced but are good investments for your kitchen. With proper care, they will last a lifetime.

But it’s not always the same; some expensive materials may offer luxurious details but have poor durability. Avoiding such materials is best since they are not a good investment and can turn high-maintenance in the long term. Always choose tough and resilient materials for your kitchen.

10. Picking The Wrong Design

Most of us tend to forget about our comfort and convenience over ambience and end up picking a design that is not conducive to our lifestyle. So, before you decide on the design, make sure you consider your needs and requirements meticulously. This can save you time and money.

11. Forgetting The Big Picture

Always remember to go over every aspect of kitchen remodelling from your wall colour, flooring, cabinet colours, and hardware. You need to tie all these elements together to get a clear image of your dream kitchen design.

12. DIY Not a Good Plan

Even if you’re the DIY enthusiasts, it’s best to consult with a professional before starting your project. A skilled professional will guide you through the design, actual installation and maybe even recommend some ideas you hadn’t already considered.

These are the 12 common kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid.  Kitchen renovation mistakes can get very costly and lead to dissatisfaction. We don’t want that for our homes. Contact Juiice Solutions for a fabulous kitchen makeover. Our project managers will present you with the ideal renovation designs for your home that will satisfy you and will be on budget and on time.