7 Must-Ask Questions for Your Contractor Before Hiring

Are you scouting around for professional renovation contractor to do up your home or office? The success of any renovation project depends on the expertise and efficiency of the contractor. Many factors contribute towards getting the right contractor on board. Here are seven must ask questions to your renovation contractor before hiring.

Questions to Ask Your Renovation Contractor Before Hiring

  1. How long have you been in this business?

Choosing a contractor with relevant experience in the industry is always the best for you. Experienced companies will have established systems and controls to ensure their projects are on time, on budget and of the finest quality.

It’s always best to talk out your worries and questions about the project. Experienced contractors prefer you to voice your concerns and questions. So, they have the opportunity to address them and find the best solutions. You can also ask if the contractor has experience with similar projects. This way, you can ensure that you are dealing with a contractor who is an expert in your type of project.

  1. Do you have insurance cover?

Request to see the insurance documentation to ensure you are hiring a real company. Checking and ensuring these details will reduce the risk that you might be responsible for, if something amiss happens during the renovation.

  1. What is the timeline for completion?

Make sure you have a clear idea of when contractors will begin and end a project. You also need to be aware of any circumstances that might affect the planned schedule. You can also ask them about how they will address if there will be any necessary changes to your timeline.

  1. How much will this project cost?

Make sure to get detailed estimates of the project expense. While accurate pricing may not be possible always, your contractor should be able to provide a close expense sheet.

However, renovation projects can be unpredictable at times. Once a project begins, there will probably arise circumstances that increase the estimated price that was originally offered to you. In such scenarios, ensure your contractors won’t spend money without getting your approval. Such clauses should be included in the contract.

  1. What is the payment schedule?

Make sure you discuss the payment terms before construction begins. Also, be aware of exactly how much is due and when you should make the payment like based on completed stages of the project or by specific dates.

  1. Where will be the tools and materials be stored?

In case of projects that take a long time to complete, ask the contractor about how and where they are planning to store their tools and materials. Be sure to discuss if they plan to store the large pieces of equipment in your home. If yes, where it will be stored and how the equipment will be transported here?

  1. What way would you prefer us to get in touch with you?

Don’t forget to ask the best way to reach the contactor and at what times they will be available to respond to you. Ask about which way they prefer to be contacted like is it by phone call, text message or email. Also, ask about the general timeline you should expect to hear back from them.

A reliable contractor will be pleased to address the above questions. This way, they will be able to answer many of your concerns. This also helps to have a clear contract, that works well for both sides.

Juiice Solutions understand your concerns and questions, and is always ready to answer them. Contact our project managers and let us help you to find the ideal renovation solutions that will suit you. We care for your happiness.