Home Renovation – Where to Start

Renovating an entire home can be an overwhelming task. You will have so many questions, worries about the budget and confusion on where you need to start your home renovation.

Your entire renovation project can go smoothly with proper planning and preparation. So, here are the steps to help you with where to start your home renovation. These steps will provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from making avoidable mistakes.

Make a List

The best way to get grips on everything you need to do is by starting from the basics.

If the house you just bought needs a renovation, you will probably have had a survey carried out about what should be done. Don’t completely rely on these; the more you learn about the place yourself, the more prepared you’ll be. Even in case, the house you bought is in good condition; there is a possibility you may find more than just a handful of things you’d like to update or change. So, do a careful inspection around to see what all you have to get done.

Have a thorough and detailed check; list all the things that catch your attention. The chances are that you don’t have an idea about how to tackle these problems. Don’t worry; learning about the problem is the first step. Understanding facts and making informed decisions is a significant part of buying a home.

Sort It

Once the list is completed, you need to sort and group everything into respective categories. You can use Google sheets or excel sheets to categorise the list. Break them down and sort them into categories based on the type of job like plumbing, painting & decorating, electrics, plastering etc. You can also sort it based on the rooms.

It’s not compulsory to follow the exact same method; you can always find a method that works best for you.


Next to sorting is prioritising. Prioritise the sorted list according to the importance of the job and how urgent the work is. Besides, you can also highlight a job if it’s a particularly urgent one. In case you have any big jobs, you need to sort them before you can do anything else.

We advise you to sort them in the order in which projects will have to be carried out in. For example you need to first complete electrics and plumbing, if you need to plaster and paint the house later.

To a certain extent, your remodelling priorities can be determined by the results of the survey. But don’t forget to ask yourself what’s important for you. Which project would you like to start first? Which would be the most suitable way to improve your quality of living? It can seem totally overwhelming, but it’s manageable and less daunting if you break everything in it down into individual steps.

Hire a Professional

Once you finish creating the list and sorting it out according to your priorities, it’s time for clearing the doubts and worries you have about the project. Family and friends are always a good source to assist you with your worries. But at times some matters would be best to be cleared by a professional.

You can also get quotes from the professionals to find out what will be involved in fixing any issues you may have. Even if you’re a DIYer, there are projects that you won’t be able or allowed to do yourself. There is also paperwork that you’ll need for your home if you ever plan to sell your house. More importantly, hiring a professional will keep your mind at peace.

Plan in Detail

When planning a specific project, go into deeper details than the already detailed list you created. When you have a summary of everything that needs renovation, you can plan your individual home improvement projects in more detail.

These steps will give you a precise idea of where to start your home renovation. They will help you to be more organised and detailed throughout the renovation process. A complete renovation or even a single home improvement project can still be tough and daunting for you. Juiice Solutions can help you with your complete renovation. Our experienced project managers can create the ideal home renovation plan, which will be organised, on budget and on time.