Renovate your Home for the Future

Our clients for home renovations mostly fall into two categories – home beautification or to sell for a profit. To make a home livable for a long time or to make it more attractive for buyers, you need to renovate for a future-proof home. While the design is important, there are other aspects that you will need to work out with your renovation contractor. How to renovate for a future-proof home? Here is a quick guide from home renovation specialists.

Look into the Future

How to renovate for a future-proof home? - Juiice Solutions

As the future unfolds, your family will evolve in many ways – grow, shrink, welcome babies and older adults. Also, as multigenerational living becomes more common in Australia, your family will grow more than shrink.

If you have kids growing up, you will have to think of creating spaces where they can escape from you. Or you can escape from them. Whichever way you want to look at it. You may also want to make your entrances and stairs friendly for babies and older people.

Extending your ground floor is a good option if you have sufficient space. Alternatively, you can add a floor or partition large areas to create more space.

Prepare for Technology

Technology can completely transform your home – it will increasingly dictate how our homes function. A renovation is a right time to get in some wires. Once the renovation is done, it will be more expensive to rewire. You can connect a large number of appliances – from security systems to heat controls with your phone or bluetooth. However, some appliances may need wiring. We recommend that you keep extra conduits, so you don’t need to ‘undo’ walls again.

A renovation is also the time when most home-owners go for new appliances. Invest in durable, energy-efficient equipment, appliances, fittings and fixtures.

Renovate for Efficiency

One of the best ways to renovate your home for future-proofing is to make it energy efficient. Invest in energy-efficient solutions – it may cost you an initial high expense, but in the long run, you’ll save more on your energy bills. You will be reducing costs and helping the environment as well. Here are some things you can do while renovating your home to reduce costs –

• Use roofing materials that provide insulation – they keep your home cooler in the summers, and prevent heat from escaping during the winters.

• Use screens or shutters for windows – they can be pulled down during summers to keep out the sun. They can also be pulled up during the winters to let in some sun.

• Try for cross ventilation – plan for opposite windows during the renovation.

• Use natural lighting as much as possible. Alternatively, you can use options like sun tubes and LED lighting.

• Use water taps and fittings that help in water conservation.

Efficiency is not just about reducing costs. It is also about saving time on cleaning and maintaining your home. It can be something as simple as easy-clean paints or high-end as appliances that take less time and energy to run. Discuss your needs with the renovation contractor to find the solutions best suited for your home.

The Kitchen

How to renovate for a future-proof home? - Juiice Solutions

The kitchen can be considered as the soul of a home. Families tend to spend a lot of time together in a kitchen – it brings a sense of bonding and togetherness. It is where your growing family will spend a lot of time when people are home. The kitchen deserves special attention while renovating your home to make it future-proof.

We recommend a more classic look. Trends by nature, are short-lived. What is trendy now, may not be so a few years down the line. A classic look will help you avoid frequent renovations and replacement costs. Most people buy new kitchen appliances while getting a renovation done. Invest in buying energy-efficient appliances. Read more to know some avoidable kitchen renovations mistakes.

Whether you plan to renovate for a dream home or to resell it – future-proof your home is advisable. Every home, its people, and its requirements are different. These points can get you started on how to renovate for a future-proof home. For a customised solution, work with professional renovators like Juiice Solutions. Contact Us now to find how you can future-proof your home.