Renovate Your Shop to Boost Customer Experience

You may never get a second shot at creating a first impression. The first impression that your customers get from your shop or office will establish your future relationship with the customers. The aesthetics of the building will create the first impression that customers form about your business.

A positive experience increases the possibility of a customer returning for repeated purchases. Here are some tips on running your shop smoothly during remodelling and how it can boost your shop sales.

How can Remodelling Boost Your Shop Sales?

Remodelling your shop or office can be the most efficient way to improve customer experience. The ambience of a shop can gain the interest of new customers and also maintain that of your current customers.

Customer’s buying experiences are influenced by how they feel when they enter your shop. You need to focus not only on excellent customer service but also on creating a space that gives out a positive experience for everyone.
Your shop design should focus on visual merchandising. The psychological effects an enticing shop has on customers, will enhance customer experience and boost sales. Your shop’s layout should tell a story. Incorporate features that influence and persuade customer behaviour.

Tips for Running Your Shop Smoothly During Remodelling

Keep your revenue ticking by continuing your shop operations even during renovation. It will also get your customers excited about the new look.

Follow these tips to make sure the remodelling process is smooth during business hours:

  • Choose the remodel time wisely

Schedule your remodelling project for the offseason. For example, if your shop’s business is highest during the holidays, schedule the remodelling before or after the holidays.

  • Break the remodel into stages

Divide the renovation project into stages and prevent the shop from completely closing down during intensive construction. Focus the majority of time on necessary areas and delay the rest of the tasks for later.

  • Communicate with your customers

Advertise about remodelling several months beforehand and let your customers have an idea on what to expect. This will help your customers plan their purchases. Also, let them know you’re still open during remodelling.

  • Offer courtesy discounts.

If you’re concerned about your shop having no customers during a renovation, offer small renovation discounts. This will give your customers a purpose to visit your shop and help your business to run without trouble.

Remodelling Tips to Boost Your Shop Sales

How can remodelling boost your shop sales - Juiice Solutions

You need to refresh your shop by updating the layout, optimising shelf displays and engaging the senses like light and colour to influence your customer’s behaviour. Here are some tips on how remodelling boosts your shop sales.

  • Choose the right floor layout

It is essential to choose a floor plan that emphasises the desired purchasing behaviour and allot allthe floor space you have for merchandise. Pick your layout based on customer behaviour.

  • Set the customer path

Keep high-value merchandises upfront- Customers determine your shop’s value in the first 5 to 15 feet of space.

Lead to the right- Majority of customers turn right subconsciously upon entering a shop.

Store the essentials in the back- Necessary goods will direct your customers to the back of the store.

Keep small products near checkout – Usually, customers make an additional purchase at checkout.

  • Rebuild Displays

Put displays near aisles to slow down your customers- Shoppers usually skip store merchandise due to long aisles.

Keep high-profit products at eye level – Items at eye level receive more attention.

Use U-shaped or vignettes – People are naturally attracted to rounded shapes.

  • Use solid backgrounds to highlight your products. The colours have a huge influence on customers decision to purchase.
  • Tailor your lights because lighting designed to create an experience lifted sales.

A few extra pointers to integrate into your renovation plan:

  • Replacing the shop front window to create an eye-catching entrance to the building.
  • Upgrading technology to install security cameras, televisions, and a sound system
  • Updating the bathrooms

We hope you found this article helpful on how remodelling can boost your shop sales. Looking for a professional renovation company to take your shop to the next level? Our project managers can design the ideal shop renovation solution that will boost your shop’s customer experience and thereby your shop’s revenue. Contact our project managers for making your dream shop renovation a reality.