Reviving the Iconic Aussie Verandah

The verandah has long been a part of Australian residential architecture. Whether you have a verandah or not, all Aussies love them. After all, verandahs are a part of our national heritage. But sadly, the verandahs have faded from new residential architecture with developers assuming that a small balcony or a patio will do. So, what is it about the verandah that has made it is so alluring for over two centuries?

Verandah- A place to dream, connect and create memories

The origin of the word verandah is Indian and literally means a place that leads outside. If you have ever sat beneath a verandah, resting on the threshold of the house, you may have felt an inexplicable sense of serenity and an enticing urge to remain in that moment. You may easily find yourself swept away and dreaming of all the delightful things in life while gazing out over the lovely garden.

Traditionally the verandah provided families and friends with a place to gather and create beautiful memories. A fantastic place to sit to catch the cool breeze as it gently blew through and watch the world drift by while enjoying a coffee or cold beverage.

The Aussie Verandah - Reviving the Iconic Aussie Verandah

For kids, it was a sanctuary that shielded them from the summer sun and lies between the enchanting outdoors and the security of home. Generations of children have played beneath this cool canopy that graces the family home, where adults could watch them and spend quality time together. If you’ve ever played hide and seek on a winter afternoon, or hunted for bugs on a summer evening, you’ll know what we mean.

Whatever happened to the great Aussie verandah?

The Aussie verandah will forever be the essence of community living, of the friendly neighbourhood. These elegant spaces are perfect for socialising and relaxing. This heritage should be celebrated, but instead, it’s disappearing. This Aussie icon is swiftly being taken away by the high rise blocks.

It may be the modern technologies, or maybe people prefer a patio or outdoor kitchen. Perhaps it’s the disappearance of the friendly neighbourhood. Verandahs used to be the places where you could relax, gather, or can sit on your own reading a good book. The absence of verandahs has made us lose our sense of community; or maybe it’s the other way round.

Whatever the reason, letting this iconic Aussie symbol disappear would be a loss. It’s time we breathed a new life into the verandah.

Save the verandah – Renovate it

The verandah was introduced during the old Colonial Era and has stood the test of centuries, only to start disappearing in the later years. But the Aussie verandah is making a come-back for the past years. A well-designed verandah will provide you with years of pleasure and comfort. It guards you and your furniture from the sun and can even reduce heat inside your home. It is a symbol of the Aussie way of living.

So, if your home has an old verandah that needs repairing don’t just pull it down. Pause and imagine owning your very own Aussie verandah to relax and enjoy. Now, go ahead – and renovate it.

Verandahs can be easily restored with some pieces of timber, and some dabs of polish. Or if you want a more elegant and traditional look, you could replace the posts and balustrades with new ones. Or our renovation experts at Juiice Solutions can create a custom solution. Speak to our project manager to see how your dream verandah can be turned into a reality.