Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most functional spaces in your home. It plays a vital role in the aesthetics and ambience of your property. And yet the bathroom gets minimal attention when it comes to renovations. And it gets all the more challenging if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

A couple of clever tricks can transform your small bathrooms into an enviable space that ooze with style and sophistication. Here are a few small bathroom renovation ideas for renovating your space.

The Shower

Ideal shower space should be the one that occupies less space and is simple to clean. When renovating your bathroom, a stand-in shower with a glass enclosure is highly recommended. It adds aesthetic beauty to the bathroom and is also very functional. The shower enclosure helps to keep the rest of the bathroom dry by keeping all the water within the bath area when you take a shower. It ensures the bathroom is hygienic, safe and also reduces chances of slipping on the wet floor.

Small bathroom renovation ideas - Juiice Solutions


Lighting plays a pivotal part in making your bathroom feel more spacious. The brighter your bathroom, the larger it feels. Skylights are an excellent alternative when windows aren’t enough. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough natural light, you can make it up by clever placing of lighting to make it stylish and brighter.

We know that mirrors have the ability to reflect more light. It also has the ability to make space look bigger. You can install a whole wall mirror or small mirrors according to your space limit. This gives an open and airy vibe even when there is no ample natural light.

Wall Colour

Choose lighter, pastel wall colours or whites or greys to make the space feels light and airy. However, if you like a deeper shade, you can choose a semi-gloss finish. This way, the light will be reflected and help the bathroom look bigger and airy.

Recessed medicine cabinet

A fully mirrored recessed medicine cabinet is also recommended since it can give a stylish look while keeping all the clutter hidden away. The flat or bevelled mirror which has hidden storage can accommodate most of your toiletries while giving a stylish look to the bathroom. A fully mirrored inside will also help you to see all the products kept inside.

Wall Mounted Toilet

When floor space is limited wall hung cabinetry and toilets with oversized floor tiles are the ideal way to maximise a small bath’s space. This way, the floor is shown more and give the illusion that the room is larger than it appears. They also give a trendier appearance to the bathroom.

Avoid Busy Patterns

When selecting materials, using small-scale patterns can emphasize that the room is small. So, incorporating larger-scaled patterns or architectural features can give the room a unique and spacious look.

Hidden Storage

Efficient storage is a must for saving space. Think of storage that won’t take up too much floor space. Consider behind the door hooks or ledges for towels and robes. You can also use over the door pouches for holding small supplies.

Planning to renovate your bathroom? Juiice will help you with the ideal renovation solutions that are on time, reliable and completely customised to your like and space. We can help your small bathroom transform into a stylish affair. Contact us to find a renovation solution that is right for you.