Tips to Keep Your Pets and Kids Safe and Secure During Renovation

During remodelling, safety is a priority. Kids and pets, power tools, piles of dirt, holes and more all in the same place – it is a recipe for disaster. So, how do you keep your curious, active kids and pets from making the renovation area their playground and getting hurt? Here are some of our renovation safety tips to keep your family safe.

Remodelling Safety Tips for Your Kids & Pets

For Kids:

Separate Entries for Workers and Family

Arranging separate entrances for workers will prevent dust and dirt from construction to enter other areas in your home. It also will prevent workers from accidentally leaving around tools and supplies. It’s better to choose an entrance that’s closest to the construction area for workers, minimalising foot traffic through the house.

Check on your Kids Time to Time

Kids can decide to do something unexpected without prior notice. We can’t predict their actions, so it’s always safer to check on them from time to time. Make sure you never leave kids unattended during construction work.

Arrange a Safe Place to Play

Setting up an area where the kids are allowed to play would help you to keep the kids occupied and safe. This is especially true if you’re residing within a smaller area of your home during the remodelling. In that case, you can let the kids use a room that’s usually utilised for another purpose like the dining room or den.

Evade Hazardous Materials by Staying Somewhere Else

A renovation is bound to include some potential hazards. But if it’s serious hazards like lead paint, asbestos and mould, we recommend you to stay elsewhere till the portion of the work is completed. This becomes vital if you or one of your kids have health concerns like asthma or allergies.

Block Off Construction Areas

By hanging plastic sheeting, you can completely seal off work areas. This way, you can prevent curious kids from wandering in and stop dust and dirt from moving into other living spaces. You can also add a sturdy child-safety gate which will provide an extra layer of protection from construction areas.

For Pets:

Find a Safe Place for Your Pets

Arrange a secure place for your pets to stay in so they won’t be anywhere near the construction sites. This way, you can ensure the safety of your pet as well as the safety of the workers. Here are some pointers you can consider depending on your pet and your home setup:

  • Arrange a closed room for the pets to stay during the day, preferably with access to a fenced run. Consider lining it with privacy material to block your pet’s view of the construction area.
  • Set up a kennel for some portion of the time.
  • Drop off your pet at a daycare. You can either do this every day or only on days of major construction work.

Know Your Pet

Your pets may be sensitive to noise and can get upset while the remodelling goes on. In such cases, find a place away from the work zone where your pet can stay. Pets can get stressed by continuously seeing strangers. So, if there are windows in your pet’s room, consider keeping the window coverings shut. If your pets can’t handle the stress of the remodel, make alternate plans to keep them safe and at ease.

Keep Up Normal Routines

Keep up with your pet’s regular feeding routine as closely as possible. Most pets are creatures of habit, so it’s essential to keep up with your pet’s regular feeding and exercise routines. Also, if you are making your pet stay at another place, make sure to provide the same food and toys your pets are used to having at home.

Speak With Your Contractor

Before starting the renovation, talk with your contractor about what you will be doing to keep pets and kids safe during the remodelling process. This will make it easy to strategise about what workers can do to help make the process safer for everyone.

Let the workers know about your pets and their habits. Ensure they have agreed to put away tools and hazardous items and cover up holes before leaving the site for the day.

With these remodelling safety tips, your kids & pets can be safe and secure during the renovation. To ensure complete safety, it’s essential to deep clean your home after remodelling is completed. Clean every surface and ventilate areas that have been remodelled by opening up all of the windows and running the HVAC system. At Juiice, we care for your family’s and pets’ safety, and it is one of our top priority. We recommend that you mention your kids and pets to our project managers when you contact us. Our project managers can help you strategise a perfect remodelling of your dream home that also keeps your kids and pets safe.