When is the Perfect Time to Start a Renovation?

Once you decide to start a renovation, the next question is – When is the best time to start a renovation.

In most cases, summer is the season for renovation. The warm weather and the sunny days indeed are beneficial when it comes to working outside. But there is more to consider when planning a renovation project than the weather. Being aware of the best time to start renovation can save you money, time and trouble. Summer and spring are generally the most popular seasons for remodelling. But there are other factors to be considered like budget, availability of raw materials and time of completion.

Renovation Design

If you are renovating your retail shop, you should aim to get everything in order before the holiday season. If your office space needs renovation, then it’s a good idea to get it done during the Christmas break. Your project type and property type influence the timeline of your remodelling. Depending on the complexity of the project, the average design schedule can last upto six months. You need to factor this in when deciding on the time for a renovation.
The design process will take even longer time if your property is a landmarked building or condo. This means that you will encounter more design, procedural, and regulatory changes when there are more significant modifications to the layout and configuration of mechanical systems.
It’s wise to partner with a designer who is experienced and is capable of dealing with relevant government agencies and building processes to avoid unnecessary delays during design.

Availability of Materials

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The supply and demand gap is one of the key factors that decide the amount you pay for supplies. The price of building materials like paint, timber and cement varies depending on the time of year and the demand for that specific material. Then will the best time to remodel be when the price of these materials is at their lowest? No; but by planning your remodelling project early, you can gather materials when they are at their cheapest. You can just store them until you are ready to start the renovation work. When demand is high, there are chances of orders getting mixed up, and you don’t want that.


The best time to renovate depends on the project you are planning. It’s advisable to have your project a month or two before or after the demand for the particular project is at the peak. Window repairs and replacements are often considered as summer projects, try and perform this task in early spring when the demand for this project is considerably low. You have higher chances to get your air conditioning units serviced faster in late fall than during the summer.


How you finance the renovation is a major factor in timing the project. Are you planning to take a loan? Are the interest rates favourable right now? Do you plan to dig into your savings? It is advisable to get your finances in order before the project begins. A renovation and remodelling professional can help you fix a budget at the planning stage.
The perfect renovation is one that is planned well. You cannot control all the external factors, but a little planning can help work around the uncertainties. The best time to start renovating your residence or office will always be after a thorough planning.
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