Why Should I Renovate My Office?

Most business owners put off an office renovation because of cost factors. Or because they feel that it will interrupt the normal functioning of their business. I’m managing just fine. So, why should I renovate my office? There is a difference between managing just fine and working efficiently. Waiting too long for a renovation can bump up costs or cause safety issues. Our renovation experts tell you some reasons why you should renovate your office space.

Reasons to Renovate Your Office

Gearing up Towards Business Expansion?

A business expansion takes a lot of planning. Office space is one of the most important factors. Unless you are shifting locations, we recommend renovating existing office space to meet the need for more space. It’s impossible to accurately predict how your business will span out in the next few years. But if you have a clear direction, you can start renovating your office early, so that the office is ready and fitted when new staff and equipment come in. A professional renovation company can you give the flexibility you will need from your office for more space.

Improve the Efficiency of Office Space

Why Should I Renovate My Office - Juiice Solutions

You will be amazed at how even seemingly jam-packed spaces turn into spacious facilities after a renovation. It’s not just about space too. Upgrading with latest technologies improves the energy efficiency of your office.
Professional renovation contractors can breathe a new life into your existing office space. A physical makeover has the potential to revitalise the organisation workflow and productivity. A renovated office gives a brand new look to an existing office. A trendy and modern office helps in trust-building among customers. If you’ve ever noticed how clients respond positively to a well-maintained office regardless of work delivery, you’ll know why you should renovate your office.

Increase Employee Productivity Levels

A professionally done renovation can improve the functionality and efficiency of office space. This directly translates to employee efficiency. A newly remodelled office in line with modern trends can boost employee productivity. Consider upgrading existing equipment to improve productivity. You can also include small breakout coffee areas for employee breaks. Hire renovation contractors who can provide custom solutions suitable for your office.

Employee and Workplace Safety

It is necessary to follow all building safety norms for your office to function without any interruptions. Apart from that, workplaces become like a second home for employees. It becomes important that your office space is safe for employees, clients and equipment. This is more so where you function out of a multi-storey building where you share the space with other businesses. Workplace safety is not just about building safety; it also includes employee ergonomics and comfort.
Is your office easily accessible to differently-abled people?
Are all fire and safety guidelines in place?
Are the emergency exits uncluttered and easily accessible?
Are the office furniture ergonomic and comfortable?
Is there sufficient ventilation and lighting?
Are the washrooms in good condition?
Are there any exposed wires or leaky pipes that don’t seem to respond to maintenance efforts?
How you answer to these questions will decide if you should renovate your office.

Improve Cost-efficiency

Why Should I Renovate My Office - Juiice Solutions

A renovation comes at a cost. So how does it improve cost efficiency? A renovation helps to cut down maintenance costs and energy costs. This is especially true for old buildings with old energy and lighting systems. Or for buildings where maintenance does not solve problems that require repairs. A one-time renovating cost becomes lesser expensive than frequent repairs in the long run. Reduced energy and maintenance costs free up capital that you can invest in business growth and development. While renovating, you can consider some upgradations like the following:
Replace old lighting with LED ones
Replace all old wires with good quality insulated ones
Install water-saving taps that work on sensors
Make use of natural lighting
Upgrade work equipment to energy-saving models

Your renovation contractor should provide flexible solutions that leave room for further upgrades. For example, you need to leave a provision for some space in case employee number increases. You should be able to do this quickly with only personal equipment needing to be fitted.

A professionally managed office renovation can turn your office into a trendy, safe, highly functional and efficient space. Ask your renovation contractor for a customised solution. Juiice Solutions provides you with expert office renovation solutions – with minimum interruptions and maximum customer satisfaction. contact us now to get a custom solution just right for you.